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24 January 2008 @ 02:12 pm


Illinois, USA

Do you collect just certain kinds of stuff? (books, magazines, paper products, dolls, videos, cards, games, or just what you happen to see that you can afford, etc...) 
Anything in my budget for the most part, I have a small collection of Jack Sparrow bumper stickers, about five posters, and little things like that.

Are you into just certain characters or pairings? (Take your pick.) 
Barbossa, need I say more??

Do you make anything yourself? 
Mhm... mostly collages.

What is the most money you have spent on anything in your collection? 
I spent around $50 back in June for a Captain Jack fleece throw.

Of everything you own, do you have any favorites? 
Hmmm... I really like my AWE tanktop.

Is there any one thing you have that is a real conversation starter?
Heh, not really.

What made you get into collecting for Pirates of the Caribbean? (Love of the movies? A character? Other?) 
Love of the movies, at first. Right now, I'm interested in anything Barbossa related (and I still adore the film of course *chuckes weakly*)

Where do you shop most for your collection? (Online, stores, conventions, etc.)
Heh, Hot Topic. ^_^ ... and Claires.